Chocolate: Better Than We Thought


27 Jun Chocolate: Better Than We Thought

A few of you may have noticed our yummy treat as you come and leave the office, and while many joke that we are making sure we keep you coming back, we are actually giving you more than a few reasons to smile. While chocolate not only tastes good, the right kind can also help fight cavities!

Studies have been coming out on the anticavity effects that chocolate has for out teeth, but there are a few stipulations that you need to keep in mind when choosing a tooth healthy chocolate. The benefits come from the cocoa nib, and while the ultimate would be to chew on one of these, not quite the yummy treat we expect from chocolate. So, with nibs thrown out the window, make sure you are looking at the ingredients list.

  1. Choose chocolate that is at least 70% dark chocolate and work your way up to darker if you can, these will contain more of the cavity-fighting elements.
  2. Look for chocolate that contains less than 6-8 grams of sugar per serving. Cavities feed off sugar, so the less, the better.
  3. If it contains milk chocolate, pass. Milk chocolates contain all that sugar that we are trying to avoid.
  4. When adding more chocolate into your diet, make sure you alter what you eat. Chocolate is calorie rich, so some of the other side effects might not be as desirable.


So, there you have it, chocolate may not be as bad as we thought… when we do it right. Enjoy!