Dr. Kim Eek takes over

Dr. Kim Eek - Dentist Kelowna

Dr. Kim Eek takes over

Many of you have been asking, “Where is Dr. Wageman?”

After more than 30 years of providing quality care and keeping teeth at their best, Dr. Wageman had to step away from our clinic due to health issues. While it’s unfortunate he had to retire a little earlier than planned, he now has time to do the things he never had a chance to do before.

The last we heard, Dr. Wageman was enjoying time with his grandchildren, taking care of his property and riding his horse. Sure, he’s missed around here, but it’s easy to smile knowing he’s living life to the fullest.

Dr. Kim Eek is now steering the ship, and she’s excited about the new direction the clinic is taking.

“It’s fun to go to work every day,” says Dr. Eek.

“I want to change people’s perception of the dentist. It can be so easy nowadays—not like the horror stories you heard from people in the past.”

Dr. Eek describes herself as a “perfectionist” who is always working to identify areas she can improve herself, to give her patients the best care possible.

“I genuinely treat each of my patients how I would want to be treated and how I would treat my family.”